Introducing Studio Second Street: a Haven for Creativity and Love

Welcome to Studio Second Street, my online store. Here you will find a diverse collection of fine art prints and accessories curated from my latest projects.

The name of the store holds a special meaning for me. It’s a tribute to my grandmother’s home, a place that nurtured my creativity and love for art.

Nana was a role model for creative, minimalistic living. She taught me how to sew, and always had paper, pencils and crayons available for me.

I remember how her house smelled so wonderful from a crock of homemade potpourri that she kept in a corner of her kitchen. She taught me how to take the flowers from her garden and lay them to dry in the sun. Then we’d mix them into a big ceramic pot together.

many children sit on a porch in heavy winter clothing
Nana peeks out of the backdoor of her house amongst her grandchildren. I'm the kid in the blue coat!
many children sit on stairs between two older people in the 1970s
Nana and Pop with all of their grandchildren, 1974. I'm the older girl all in red.

I loved running my fingers through those dried flowers when she wasn’t looking and feel summer tickling my nose!

When I went to Nana’s house, I never wanted to leave. Today, I feel the same way about my art studio. It smells like linseed oil instead of flowers, but it still warms my heart to be in it.

I want Studio Second Street to be a warm and welcoming place for everyone.

I curate only my best work for inclusion in the shop, and rotate it regularly. I hope you’ll find something here that touches your spirit as profoundly as my grandmother’s home touched mine.